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farewell 2011!!

it’s time to say farewell to 2011 as we bring in the new year!

this past year has been difficult health wise

at the beginning of 2011 i found out i had an underactive thyroid, meaning my metabolism sucks more than usual

one medication everyday for the rest of my life…check

then my stomach started acted up again, and after a slew of bloodwork i discovered i have an abnormally low blood sugar level (i.e. hypoglycemia)

but hey, an excuse to eat as often as i do!

so, stomach is still acting up…next step? an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy! what is more fun than having tubes in all sorts of openings!

diagnosis? ulcerative colitis! another medication everyday for the rest of my life!


since i was younger, my focus has always been on “getting skinny”

now…my focus is on getting healthy

it’s no longer just for aesthetic reasons

now, i have to be healthy to ensure that 30 years from now, my health isn’t suffering any more than it already is

also, i’d like to live to be 100, i just think that’d be cool!

so with this new year, the focus is now changing to health

mental health

physical health

spiritual health

goodbye 2011! goodbye poor health!

bring it on 2012!!

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the plague…

i apologize for being out of commission for almost this whole week

monday i woke up with a sore throat, and it has quickly catapulted into the plague

i’m talking cough, congestion, body aches, chills, fever…the whole nine yards

my nutrition has gone out the window

as i’ve had absolutely no appetite

work out?

oh i don’t even think so!

coughing has been my ab workout this week

(and i think it’s doing a pretty good job!)

i’m hoping to kick this thing before this coming monday

i’ve got plans to start jamie eason’s 12 week livefit trainer!

i’ve spent time preparing what i’m going to eat, when i’m going to workout

i want to start the new year with a bang

this time, no resolutions to “lose weight”

just get healthier

eat clean for a healthy, well functioning body

work out to maintain muscle tone

(and let’s be honest, fit back into my clothes)

bring back the yoga, because you can never have enough yoga

2012 is going to the be the year of reclaiming my health

2011 was the year where certain body systems decided to cr@p the bed

now i can spend this next year fixing everything

i refuse to be on medication the rest of my life

despite what my doctor says

i truly believe that through excellent nutrition and fitness

i can fine tune my body to function at its optimum

without the use of drugs

so here’s to the next couple of days!

move the plague out

and bring in health!

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no, i’m not referring to the swedish 80’s pop band

(although take on me is still one of the best songs ever, i mean c’mon!)

nope, i’m referring to that moment when you decide that it’s time for a change

that “aha!” moment where you realize you need to do something in order to better yourself

you hear about them all of the time

how someone had an “aha” moment, and next thing you know they’ve dropped 300 pounds and are a marathon runner

i have “aha” moments all of the time

almost daily you could say

a certain pair of pants don’t fit

i get winded walking up a certain flight of stairs

or i get just the right glimpse in the mirror when changing

aha! moments are happening all of the time

and yet i still stay stagnant in the water

i want change

i know what goes into making change

and i’m capable of change

heck, i’m going on 5 months meat free after watching one movie

i’m almost a month of being gluten free because of an intestinal issue

so why can’t i make the necessary changes in order to create

a healthier, leaner, more toned body?

we’ve all heard it

“you are what you eat”

“strength training is the fountain of youth”

“let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food”

so where is the missing link?

what is the connection between knowing and doing?

me? i personally have goals i’m not sure i’ll ever attain

i’d like to be a fitness model (or shoot, just look like one)

it’d be fun to compete in a fitness competition

it’d be neat to tell my grandchildren i could bench press them

shoot, at this point, i’d just want to look good in a bikini

so where’s the connection between wishing and doing?

why can’t i just leap into doing, and keep it going

it’s not a matter of want


any motivational tips?

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gym and brussel sprouts

this week i set a goal for myself

so far? i’ve been right on track!!

saturday i ran a cool 2 miles

sunday i went bright and early and did chest and back

monday i did some high intensity interval training on the treadmill for 20 minutes

and today i did shoulders and legs

sore? you bet i am!

my legs are still shaking

but i love the feeling!

it’s the feeling of accomplishment, and the feeling that i did something positive for myself

i miss feeling strong

and i miss the sense of contentment i used to get by getting up early and going to the gym

i feel like the rest of my day is just so much more productive

i still have 2 hours before work!

yes, i love sleep

and sometimes it’s really hard to get up so early knowing that i could easily sleep a few more hours

but i need to keep telling myself it’s worth it to just get out of bed and get to the gym!

on a completely different note, i’ve discovered something about myself

i. <3. brussel sprouts

never had them as a kid, and only recently tried them for the first time

they’re like little cabbages

last night i steamed some, then roasted them with a maple syrup/olive oil glaze

took them out of the oven and garnished with some goat cheese and red pepper flakes

(don’t judge, i’m weird with my tastes)

they were SO GOOD!!!

i actually liked them better than my polenta grilled cheese

which is saying a lot…i love polenta, and i love cheese!

having to be gluten free has forced me into trying new foods

every night i have to be creative in what i eat, since sometimes the selections are so limited

i’m trying to stay more towards whole foods, and avoid processed food as much as possible

it’s good to know that i can add another food item onto my list!!

(even if they are brussel sprouts!)

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tick tock tick tock…


it’s a chore that most people dread doing

it’s time consuming, it requires folding, and then putting the clothes away

my hubby and i have been unable to do laundry at our house for months now

our washer crapped the bed first

and then the dyer went

and then it was “hello laundromat!”

today…that all ends

after numerous weekends of trying, today is the day we’re supposed to get our new washer and dryer

it meant waking up much earlier than i wanted to on a saturday

it meant doing a total overhaul of the basement so we can get them in and the old ones out

and it means putting my breakfast on hold until everything’s settled

(i’m on dog duty..hehe duty…until it’s done)

this gives me time to reflect on the past week…

this past week was stressful

i had my anatomy final last night

and it was my second full week going gluten free

so naturally i handled it by not tracking and eating whatever i wanted

of course, one cannot do that without starting to notice a bit of squishiness starting to happen

two years ago, i was going to the gym consistently

i actually had biceps!

now, i’m squishy…not good!


so today is my reflection day

it’s my day to take stock in the things that are a priority to me

yes, cookies taste good. yes, chocolate is God’s gift to mankind, and yes, coffee is divine

however…i simply cannot have them whenever i want

and have the healthy body that i want

something has to give

it’s time for balance, and to “treat treats as treats”

and in the meantime…i’ll get my clothes ready for the marathon laundry day 2011!

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just because it’s gluten free…

…doesn’t mean i have to eat it!

that is the lesson i have learned today.

in the midst of switching my entire way of eating over, i’m become more and more familiar with 

“gluten free” this and “gluten free” that

i’ve been trying to focus more on eating ‘whole’ foods, and keeping my diet as clean as possible

but c’mon, it’s the holidays!!

everyone else is eating christmas cookies, and christmas chocolate

and a girl’s gotta get hers!

so naturally, i seek out “gluten free” cookies, and “gluten free” chocolates


what have i discovered?

whole foods=amazing

they make gluten free, locally made sea salted dark chocolate caramels

what else have i discovered?

my record of tracking and tallying points (for weight watchers) has gone right out the window…

that’s right, i’ve stopped tracking what i eat, and counting points

on one hand, yay for freedom from the tracker

on the other hand…bring on the weight gain

which brings me to the point,

just because it’s gluten free, doesn’t mean i have to eat it

it’s time to find the balance between seeking out new and delicious gluten free versions of my old favorites

while still being mindful of what i eat, and feeding my body

eating food to live, not living to eat food

ugh….now time to work off these extra gluten free cookies!

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i’m dreaming of a greeeeeen morning!

good morning blog world!!

this morning i woke up clear headed for the first time in a few days

not sure if it’s due to the melatonin i took last night to help me sleep

or a different reason, but whichever the case, i’ll take it!! after waking up the past few days in a fog, this is a welcome respite!

now, onto breakfast! i had to bury my beloved Morningstar Veggie “Bacon” because it sadly as wheat gluten in it

let us take a moment of silence for the bacon


and now moving on!

so, some would describe me as the worst vegetarian ever…

i chose not to eat meat due to ethical reasons regarding the factory farming process

however, i’m the worst fan of vegetables

i just don’t really like them

i can eat them raw, and in salads, and in soups

but i’m never CRAVING a vegetable

fruit? bring it on! but vegetables? pass please!

so how does one get in their daily dose of nutrients if they’re not eating meat or gluten?


for the record…


green smoothies, blue smoothies, red smoothies, purple smoothies, i just love them!

so this morning i’ve decided to add a bunch of kale to my regular cherry/peach/orange smoothie

it’s a little bit more bitter than usual, so i’ll have to add in a little honey next time

but overall? delicious!

add that to an egg, and you have my wonderful, gluten free breakfast!

and to clean up the mess when i’m done?

my beloved boston terrier, D’argo, to the rescue!!

here’s to hoping that this beautifully green breakfast keeps me going today!!

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Welcome to the gluten free world!

so you’ve chosen to give up gluten, what are you going to do next???

one week ago i asked myself this very question, as i decided to embark on the journey towards better health. to give a little background on myself, i just recently was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, possible crohn’s, on top of having an already underactive thyroid.

what does a girl do when her health goes from 100% to 0% in less than a year??

curl up and hide from the world? No!

say screw it and go on like nothing’s happened? No!

take every pill thrown at her? No!

change eating/exercise/lifestyle habits? YES!

i’ve decided to take a serious look at the way i live my life, and what improvements i can make in order to make it a better life

for starters, what i eat needs to change

we all know the old adage, “you are what you eat”

well, now is the perfect time to test that out!

i want to be a healthy, nutrient dense, piece of fruit

not a stale, over processed, chemically filled piece of “food”

i want to give my body the nutrients it needs,

so it can in turn repair itself and give me the energy that i need

nothing is more important than health

for without it…what do we have?

at this point in my life, i’m already a vegetarian (thank you food, inc!)

and after some research, have decided to give up gluten as well, as a lot of it shows great improvements for those with UC

so, welcome to my health journey

as i embark on this new, gluten free world!

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