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i’m dreaming of a greeeeeen morning!

on December 16, 2011

good morning blog world!!

this morning i woke up clear headed for the first time in a few days

not sure if it’s due to the melatonin i took last night to help me sleep

or a different reason, but whichever the case, i’ll take it!! after waking up the past few days in a fog, this is a welcome respite!

now, onto breakfast! i had to bury my beloved Morningstar Veggie “Bacon” because it sadly as wheat gluten in it

let us take a moment of silence for the bacon


and now moving on!

so, some would describe me as the worst vegetarian ever…

i chose not to eat meat due to ethical reasons regarding the factory farming process

however, i’m the worst fan of vegetables

i just don’t really like them

i can eat them raw, and in salads, and in soups

but i’m never CRAVING a vegetable

fruit? bring it on! but vegetables? pass please!

so how does one get in their daily dose of nutrients if they’re not eating meat or gluten?


for the record…


green smoothies, blue smoothies, red smoothies, purple smoothies, i just love them!

so this morning i’ve decided to add a bunch of kale to my regular cherry/peach/orange smoothie

it’s a little bit more bitter than usual, so i’ll have to add in a little honey next time

but overall? delicious!

add that to an egg, and you have my wonderful, gluten free breakfast!

and to clean up the mess when i’m done?

my beloved boston terrier, D’argo, to the rescue!!

here’s to hoping that this beautifully green breakfast keeps me going today!!


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