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Welcome to the gluten free world!

on December 16, 2011

so you’ve chosen to give up gluten, what are you going to do next???

one week ago i asked myself this very question, as i decided to embark on the journey towards better health. to give a little background on myself, i just recently was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, possible crohn’s, on top of having an already underactive thyroid.

what does a girl do when her health goes from 100% to 0% in less than a year??

curl up and hide from the world? No!

say screw it and go on like nothing’s happened? No!

take every pill thrown at her? No!

change eating/exercise/lifestyle habits? YES!

i’ve decided to take a serious look at the way i live my life, and what improvements i can make in order to make it a better life

for starters, what i eat needs to change

we all know the old adage, “you are what you eat”

well, now is the perfect time to test that out!

i want to be a healthy, nutrient dense, piece of fruit

not a stale, over processed, chemically filled piece of “food”

i want to give my body the nutrients it needs,

so it can in turn repair itself and give me the energy that i need

nothing is more important than health

for without it…what do we have?

at this point in my life, i’m already a vegetarian (thank you food, inc!)

and after some research, have decided to give up gluten as well, as a lot of it shows great improvements for those with UC

so, welcome to my health journey

as i embark on this new, gluten free world!


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