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just because it’s gluten free…

on December 17, 2011

…doesn’t mean i have to eat it!

that is the lesson i have learned today.

in the midst of switching my entire way of eating over, i’m become more and more familiar with 

“gluten free” this and “gluten free” that

i’ve been trying to focus more on eating ‘whole’ foods, and keeping my diet as clean as possible

but c’mon, it’s the holidays!!

everyone else is eating christmas cookies, and christmas chocolate

and a girl’s gotta get hers!

so naturally, i seek out “gluten free” cookies, and “gluten free” chocolates


what have i discovered?

whole foods=amazing

they make gluten free, locally made sea salted dark chocolate caramels

what else have i discovered?

my record of tracking and tallying points (for weight watchers) has gone right out the window…

that’s right, i’ve stopped tracking what i eat, and counting points

on one hand, yay for freedom from the tracker

on the other hand…bring on the weight gain

which brings me to the point,

just because it’s gluten free, doesn’t mean i have to eat it

it’s time to find the balance between seeking out new and delicious gluten free versions of my old favorites

while still being mindful of what i eat, and feeding my body

eating food to live, not living to eat food

ugh….now time to work off these extra gluten free cookies!


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