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tick tock tick tock…

on December 17, 2011


it’s a chore that most people dread doing

it’s time consuming, it requires folding, and then putting the clothes away

my hubby and i have been unable to do laundry at our house for months now

our washer crapped the bed first

and then the dyer went

and then it was “hello laundromat!”

today…that all ends

after numerous weekends of trying, today is the day we’re supposed to get our new washer and dryer

it meant waking up much earlier than i wanted to on a saturday

it meant doing a total overhaul of the basement so we can get them in and the old ones out

and it means putting my breakfast on hold until everything’s settled

(i’m on dog duty..hehe duty…until it’s done)

this gives me time to reflect on the past week…

this past week was stressful

i had my anatomy final last night

and it was my second full week going gluten free

so naturally i handled it by not tracking and eating whatever i wanted

of course, one cannot do that without starting to notice a bit of squishiness starting to happen

two years ago, i was going to the gym consistently

i actually had biceps!

now, i’m squishy…not good!


so today is my reflection day

it’s my day to take stock in the things that are a priority to me

yes, cookies taste good. yes, chocolate is God’s gift to mankind, and yes, coffee is divine

however…i simply cannot have them whenever i want

and have the healthy body that i want

something has to give

it’s time for balance, and to “treat treats as treats”

and in the meantime…i’ll get my clothes ready for the marathon laundry day 2011!


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