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gym and brussel sprouts

on December 20, 2011

this week i set a goal for myself

so far? i’ve been right on track!!

saturday i ran a cool 2 miles

sunday i went bright and early and did chest and back

monday i did some high intensity interval training on the treadmill for 20 minutes

and today i did shoulders and legs

sore? you bet i am!

my legs are still shaking

but i love the feeling!

it’s the feeling of accomplishment, and the feeling that i did something positive for myself

i miss feeling strong

and i miss the sense of contentment i used to get by getting up early and going to the gym

i feel like the rest of my day is just so much more productive

i still have 2 hours before work!

yes, i love sleep

and sometimes it’s really hard to get up so early knowing that i could easily sleep a few more hours

but i need to keep telling myself it’s worth it to just get out of bed and get to the gym!

on a completely different note, i’ve discovered something about myself

i. <3. brussel sprouts

never had them as a kid, and only recently tried them for the first time

they’re like little cabbages

last night i steamed some, then roasted them with a maple syrup/olive oil glaze

took them out of the oven and garnished with some goat cheese and red pepper flakes

(don’t judge, i’m weird with my tastes)

they were SO GOOD!!!

i actually liked them better than my polenta grilled cheese

which is saying a lot…i love polenta, and i love cheese!

having to be gluten free has forced me into trying new foods

every night i have to be creative in what i eat, since sometimes the selections are so limited

i’m trying to stay more towards whole foods, and avoid processed food as much as possible

it’s good to know that i can add another food item onto my list!!

(even if they are brussel sprouts!)


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