confessions of a foodaholic

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on December 23, 2011

no, i’m not referring to the swedish 80’s pop band

(although take on me is still one of the best songs ever, i mean c’mon!)

nope, i’m referring to that moment when you decide that it’s time for a change

that “aha!” moment where you realize you need to do something in order to better yourself

you hear about them all of the time

how someone had an “aha” moment, and next thing you know they’ve dropped 300 pounds and are a marathon runner

i have “aha” moments all of the time

almost daily you could say

a certain pair of pants don’t fit

i get winded walking up a certain flight of stairs

or i get just the right glimpse in the mirror when changing

aha! moments are happening all of the time

and yet i still stay stagnant in the water

i want change

i know what goes into making change

and i’m capable of change

heck, i’m going on 5 months meat free after watching one movie

i’m almost a month of being gluten free because of an intestinal issue

so why can’t i make the necessary changes in order to create

a healthier, leaner, more toned body?

we’ve all heard it

“you are what you eat”

“strength training is the fountain of youth”

“let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food”

so where is the missing link?

what is the connection between knowing and doing?

me? i personally have goals i’m not sure i’ll ever attain

i’d like to be a fitness model (or shoot, just look like one)

it’d be fun to compete in a fitness competition

it’d be neat to tell my grandchildren i could bench press them

shoot, at this point, i’d just want to look good in a bikini

so where’s the connection between wishing and doing?

why can’t i just leap into doing, and keep it going

it’s not a matter of want


any motivational tips?


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