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the plague…

on December 30, 2011

i apologize for being out of commission for almost this whole week

monday i woke up with a sore throat, and it has quickly catapulted into the plague

i’m talking cough, congestion, body aches, chills, fever…the whole nine yards

my nutrition has gone out the window

as i’ve had absolutely no appetite

work out?

oh i don’t even think so!

coughing has been my ab workout this week

(and i think it’s doing a pretty good job!)

i’m hoping to kick this thing before this coming monday

i’ve got plans to start jamie eason’s 12 week livefit trainer!

i’ve spent time preparing what i’m going to eat, when i’m going to workout

i want to start the new year with a bang

this time, no resolutions to “lose weight”

just get healthier

eat clean for a healthy, well functioning body

work out to maintain muscle tone

(and let’s be honest, fit back into my clothes)

bring back the yoga, because you can never have enough yoga

2012 is going to the be the year of reclaiming my health

2011 was the year where certain body systems decided to cr@p the bed

now i can spend this next year fixing everything

i refuse to be on medication the rest of my life

despite what my doctor says

i truly believe that through excellent nutrition and fitness

i can fine tune my body to function at its optimum

without the use of drugs

so here’s to the next couple of days!

move the plague out

and bring in health!


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