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farewell 2011!!

on December 31, 2011

it’s time to say farewell to 2011 as we bring in the new year!

this past year has been difficult health wise

at the beginning of 2011 i found out i had an underactive thyroid, meaning my metabolism sucks more than usual

one medication everyday for the rest of my life…check

then my stomach started acted up again, and after a slew of bloodwork i discovered i have an abnormally low blood sugar level (i.e. hypoglycemia)

but hey, an excuse to eat as often as i do!

so, stomach is still acting up…next step? an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy! what is more fun than having tubes in all sorts of openings!

diagnosis? ulcerative colitis! another medication everyday for the rest of my life!


since i was younger, my focus has always been on “getting skinny”

now…my focus is on getting healthy

it’s no longer just for aesthetic reasons

now, i have to be healthy to ensure that 30 years from now, my health isn’t suffering any more than it already is

also, i’d like to live to be 100, i just think that’d be cool!

so with this new year, the focus is now changing to health

mental health

physical health

spiritual health

goodbye 2011! goodbye poor health!

bring it on 2012!!


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