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i just want to say, sea salted caramel gelato from talenti is AMAZING! seriously, if you want heaven in your mouth, eat this gelato!!

talenti sea salt 2_low res 2.jpg

all of the ingredients are whole, too! no preservatives here!!

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cross state

up bright and early this morning! i have a training in new haven all day, so must get up early to drive clear across the state. i always wondered why it’s easier to get up at 5:30am on these days, yet when i want to get up earlier on other days so i can get more done i always just end up hitting the snooze button…

since i have numerous dietary restrictions, i have to make sure i have a good breakfast because who knows what i’ll be able to eat once i’m there. so what’s on the menu? oatmeal of course!

this bowl contained the usual:

oats, almond milk, blackberries, pinch of salt, vanilla, chia seeds, goji berries, sunbutter, and a handful of “save the rainforest” whole foods granola

of course i had to have my coffee with it (it’s early!) by the way, HOW AWESOME IS THIS MUG?!?! love the hubs!!

off to walk the dogs quickly before i head on down to new haven!!

bishop is shy…i tried to get his pic but he literally kept turning his head away!


d’argo, however, loves the camera!

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fruit and viruses

that’s been my afternoon so far! studying microbiology and starting notes on the new chapter, the topic being…VIRUSES! 

i have to say…i’m actually really enjoying this class so far. although it’s really opening my eyes to what is out there, and how gross everything is (pinworm…need i say more?) it’s really quite fascinating! it’s amazing to learn about these organisms that are so insanely small, yet have been around for millions of years and are necessary to life. i know a lot of people are germaphobic, but they’re really not that bad! in fact, we have more microbes on our body than cells, and most of them are good! they protect us from all of the bad microorganisms that are floating around! maybe it’s just me, but this class is really making me consider a nursing career dealing with infectious diseases!

so, while learning about all of these neat little creatures, i figured it was time for a snack. i have yoga in 2 hours, and they say not to eat anything for a few hours beforehand…but dinner isn’t until 6. so, fruit protein smoothie it is! enough to fill my tummy, but not enough to make me want to puke during yoga (let’s face it, no one wants their mat next to the pukey girl.)

the smoothie contains:

8oz of orange juice (i use simply orange pulp free, extra vitamin D)

handful of frozen cherries, frozen peaches, and frozen blueberries

a scoop of unflavored soy protein powder

blend it together and experience the yum!


also, please note my awesome notes…yes my name is taryn and i have OCD when it comes to notes. each chapter is color coordinated with the ink and the highlighter i use, each chapter is tabbed and i even own Oop’s tape in case i make a mistake, i can white it out without no one ever knowing. yes i have a problem, and no i’m not ashamed. 

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happy morning!

i woke up to yet another gorgeous day! while it’s a wee bit chillier than yesterday, it’s still unseasonably warm. this will make for a great walk with the pups in a little bit, but first breakfast!

a colorful bowl of oats!

in this bowl i have:

1/2 cup of oats

1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/2 cup of water

1 tsp. chia seeds

handful of Goji berries

handful of blackberries

1 tsp. cherry rhubarb preserves

1 tsp. sunbutter

pinch of salt

i don’t know if it was the salt, or just my tastebuds being really awesome this morning, but this oatmeal was AMAZING! i honestly could taste each and every flavor…oatmeal for the win!

and of course, coffee to go with!

alright…time to do some studying for microbiology and then to take the puppies out for a much needed walk!

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new discoveries

so i completely forgot to add, in the post earlier, some discoveries i’ve made recently.

1. i no longer crave meat.

about 6 months ago, i watched the movie food, inc. i’m pretty interested in nutrition and the source of the food that i eat, and this movie was all about understanding where food comes from. it was a pretty graphic documentary, but one i feel that everyone should see. it really dived into factory farming, and how the animals are treated prior to slaughter. now, i’m usually a pretty big baby when it comes to animals anyways, but to see how the animals were treated just broke my heart. the fact that these beautiful creatures are forced to live in small, cramped spaces, are pumped full of hormones and corn to make them fat, and then brutally killed just tore my heart apart. for me, this movie was the final breaking point. i’ve always dabbled in being a vegetarian, but i’ve always gone back to eating meat. this time, i’ve gone the 6 months without eating meat. now, there have been a few exceptions, and those exceptions have been locally raised, grass fed meat that had been humanely slaughtered. no factory farming. but to be honest, i don’t even crave meat anymore. there are stores nearby that offer locally raised grass fed meat, but i don’t even seek it out. i find alternatives. i think it’s interesting that it’s not even on my mind anymore.

2. gluten=gas.

sorry folks, it’s pretty personal. anytime i’ve eaten anything with a hint of gluten in it, i can feel the difference immediately. i feel bloated, and gassy. i guess it just goes to show that my digestive system is operating better without gluten than it was with it. now, my colitis doesn’t require that i go gluten free, but it was something i experimented with to see if it would help. come to find out, it has!

3. i need chocolate

yeah i’ve tried to go without it…doesn’t work out so well. i’ve determined that each night, for a treat, i’ll have raspberry hot chocolate and one lindt hazelnut truffle. i did it tonight, and it was absolutely delicious and i’m not craving anything more.



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it is GLORIOUS out!!

the weather has taken an unexpected turn, and today i woke up to blue skies and wicked warm weather!

now, i’m one to love all 4 seasons…it’s one of the best parts of living in New England, but i won’t be upset over an absolutely beautiful day! i took the opportunity to sleep in…although overall i did get a crazy 11 hours of sleep! i did up some bloodwork the other day to check the thyroid since i’ve been feeling more tired than usual lately. gotta love this awesome endocrine system.

the day has so far been filled with an awesome breakfast, my 20 minute pump challenge for LesMills Bodypump (so far, it’s awesome!) followed by a quick mile run. after a nice shower, i took the pups on a wonderful hour long walk. came back, had a groovy salad, and now i’m watching some x files, getting ready to do some studying for microbiology! 

since i’ve been slacking in the posting, here are some pictures to showcase what i’ve been eating all week, as well as a bonus picture of the puppies pig-piling on the hubs! ENJOY THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY!!

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coffee…for the win

it’s been a looooong week and it’s only Wednesday!! work has been quite busy lately, and i’ve been finding myself going back to old habits to cope. rough day at work? feeling exhausted? chocolate in the fridge? solution!! last night was a little tough because not only was i tired, but i had yummy desserts in the house. so naturally, instead of just tasting something, or having one, i had an ice cream bar, ate a few chocolate goodies from the holiday party the other night, and then made myself a mug of hot chocolate.

lesson of the night? food is not the solution!! i love that poster that says “don’t reward your body with food. you are not a dog!” it’s so true, but god it feels so good to eat chocolate after a rough day!!! 


oh well, at least i’m able to recognize an unhealthy pattern. each day is a new day to get it right, though, right? so this morning i’m starting off my day with a much needed cup of coffee (in my super awesome mug my hubs got me!) and an egg…i’m going to whip up a fruit smoothie to bring to work, i’ve got some homemade ziti (made with corn pasta, gluten free!) for lunch, and then i’ll probably put together a massive salad to eat while i’m at class tonight. throw in some strawberries there for a snack, and i’ll be good to go.

i did buy ice cream bars at the store last night, but i got the weight watchers eclair ones, so they’re only 4 points, and healthier than a whole pint of gelato…mmmm gelato….


well, i’m off for another marathon day! anybody have any ideas or tips on how to deal with stress eating? if so, i’d LOVE to hear them, i need all the help i can get 😛

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pictures for your viewing pleasure

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waiting to upload

so i’m currently sitting here waiting for my pictures to upload into iphoto so i can start posting my pictures once again!! so as i’m waiting for that, i’m going to jot down what i ate for breakfast, clean the house, and then maybe by then the camera will be done 😛

this morning i wanted something a little lighter than usual since last night’s party was filled with so many goodies! i decided on my cherry/peach/blueberry protein smoothie and two eggs over medium. Not only is it wicked yummy, but it’ll fill me up and keep me going for awhile. i would’ve had a picture of it, but i kinda ate it all before i even took the camera out 😛 woops! but don’t fret, later on i plan on posting with a bunch of yummy looking pictures from days past and the party last night!

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long time no write!

ugh, i haven’t written in almost a week! it’s time to get back on track!


i must admit, i was really excited to wake up to breakfast this morning! i did my grocery shopping at whole foods last night, and was able to pick up some specialty items i don’t normally have! i got some chia seeds, some goji berries, and sunflower butter. so this morning i whipped up a bowl of oatmeal with almond milk, chia seeds, goji berries, frozen blueberries, and sunflower butter. coupled with a steaming cup of coffee, it made for an awesome snowy morning!

after a few fights with the sewing machine (long story, don’t ask) i decided to take out my aggression on the treadmill. i jogged an easy 1.5 miles, and came back upstairs to make a nice huge salad with a side of pineapple for lunch! i prepared a bed of spring mix lettuce and added some cucumber, celery, edamame, a small amount of cheese, some salt, pepper, and sesame garlic dressing. it was DELICIOUS! and now it’s shower time before our (possible) Christmas party for work!

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