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plaguing it up…day 11

on January 8, 2012

so i’m still in the midst of the plague

today i finally gave in and went to the walk in clinic

and was briskly reminded of why i avoid doctors in the first place

i’m not asking for much

a smile

a friendly disposition

hey, even just looking at me

apparently the doctor i had missed his medical classes regarding all aforementioned skills

this man was MEAN!

he scolded me for not coming in sooner

kept sighing as though i was wasting his time

and then, while boring his fingers through my sinuses, asked “does this hurt?”

i wanted to say “yes, it hurts when you push your fingers through my sinus cavities”

i’m a big advocate of letting your body fight the battle itself

give your body proper nutrition, fluids, and rest

and it will take care of whatever is invading it

i went today to make sure i didn’t have something more serious, like pneumonia

and left with a reassurance that my prior way of thinking is best for me

some things i’ve discovered while being sick

citrus fruits=make me feel better

gelato=soothing to the throat, but dairy makes me phlegmy

water=a god send

pizza=zapping my body of what little energy it had in the first place

halls cough drops=sticky teeth

ricola cough drops=love

tea=can’t get enough of it

hopefully i can spend the rest of the weekend recuperating and finally kick this stupid cold by monday

i’m sick of being sick!


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