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my dog has a muppet face

on January 10, 2012

this has nothing to do with how my day went

but i always find great joy in coming home to find my boston terrier muppet-ing out

it’s amazing

work was relatively stress free, which is rare these days

i came home to discover it was still light outside

so what better way to celebrate than to bundle up and take the pups for a much needed walk

all i need to do is grab both leashes and they know what comes next

i swear you’ve never seen dogs flip out like mine do before a walk

the best is when we get back and they flop on the floor with that happy look on their face

as if to say “job well done mom!”

i ❤ it

i was starving after work, and i was craving greens so i made myself a monster salad

romaine lettuce with radishes, red pepper, avocado and garlic vinegraitte

pair that with a cherry and peach smoothie

and i was in dinner heaven

i actually took pictures of it

but of course there’s no where to load photos on this Mac from my camera…go figure

that’s one thing i want to start getting into more

photo-journaling what i eat

i think this will help me not only appreciate food more

but also keep in check some mindful eating

i love food, and i love to eat food

i also need to learn to moderate food, and realize that it will be there tomorrow

so we’ll see how the photo blogging goes…as soon as i can figure out how to load the pictures!!

tonight i decided to make it back to the gym to take a zumba class

a few years ago we had this AMAZING zumba instructor at our gym

she would make you WORK to the point where you were dripping sweat and begging for a water break

but at the same time you were having a blast and dancing the hour away

that was my kind of work out

i lived for zumba every Monday

these days it’s a little…blah….

the instructor isn’t bad

it just isn’t my style

i want more dancing, more cardio, more jumping, MORE SWEATING!

i barely broke a sweat, and i’m in no where near as good of shape as i was last year

oh well…maybe Mondays will be my spinning day

and i’ll see how the zumba class is on thursday with a different instructor

for now, it’s time to cuddle with the puppies before some much needed sleep



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