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jalapeno cheetoh’s….epic win? or epic fail?

on January 12, 2012

yes, you read that right

i found jalapeno cheetoh’s at school today

against all of my better judgement, i forked over the $1 to buy them

to answer your question, yes, they were absolutely delicious!!!

but…worth it?

i recently came across a motto earlier today that read

“don’t give up something you want the most for something you want at the moment”

for some reason, this is really sticking with me

so many times, i give into what i want at that exact moment

anyone who knows me knows that i can be very impulsive

and when i want something, i go for it

for those who have seen me near a piece of chocolate, truer words have never been spoken

if i want it, i take it!

however, my colon is crying out for me to stop

i need to really start looking at nutrition

not as a diet tool

not as a way to fit into “skinny jeans”

but rather, as a means to keeping up good health

my colon sucks

my thyroid gland sucks

my pancreas is being wacky with its insulin

at at the immediate moment, i have a cold (thank you rhinovirus)

health is something i need to take more seriously

as hippocrates said, “let food by thy medicine, and medicine thy food”

it’s time i start taking these words to heart

i go grocery shopping here in the next couple of days

my goal is to figure out a menu that is not only healthy and nutritious

but so delicious that i won’t be tempted by those delicious cheese dusted corn nuggets

but if you ask me if the cheetoh’s were worth it?

the answer is totally yes 😉


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