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what a day…take two!

on January 14, 2012

so i wrote out this long, awesome post…only to have the computer shut down on me before i was able to save it!!

so here is my best attempt at a recap of yesterday!

yesterday was truly, an epic of a day. it started out earlier than usual since i had to be at my school bright and early to take my NLN exam (for those who don’t know, this is a pre-nursing school entrance exam.) this test was important, so i had to make sure that whatever breakfast i ate would be hearty enough to tide me over and not distract me during the test. so…oatmeal and eggs it was!

i made my usual egg over easy, and this time i added biscoff spread and cherry rhubarb preserves to my oatmeal (it was like a warm, oatmealy peanut butter and jelly!) my coffee was bangin’, and i was out the door to my test. 

about 2 hours later, i finished the test and i gotta say, i felt pretty good about it. most of the questions were ones i knew the answers to quickly, and i only struggled with a few. some i didn’t even know because i never reviewed the chapter (i’m not a studier…what can i say?) but all in all, i got an 87%!! that puts me at 24 out of a possible 27 points for the nursing program. for those who know don’t know, Goodwin accepts their nursing students on a points based system…if you have a prior degree you get a certain amount of points, for every pre-req you take there you get points, your gpa warrants you points etc… so now i’m feeling pretty good about my status and now it’s just wait time until i (hopefully) get my acceptance letter!!

next, it was time for lunch, and i was STAHVING! luckily, whole foods is right down the road from school, so i bopped over there quickly to hit up their awesome salad bar! needless to say, i went to town, and loaded up with a spring mix, falafel, hard boiled eggs, chick peas, bell peppers, onions, carrots, avocado kale salsa, you name it, it was in my salad! i picked up a fruit salad to accompany it, and then of course headed to the chocolate aisle to get my dessert fix. i ended up picking a dark chocolate bar with cherries and almonds in it. DELICIOUS!!

i packed it all up and headed back to work to finish off the day! after work it was back to school for Micro lab. we got out early (YES!) so on the drive home i started contemplating dinner (are we noticing a trend here? food is always on my mind!) i really wanted brussel sprouts (don’t ask) so i picked some up and then meandered around trying to find something to go with it. i settled on tempeh. now, mind you, i’ve never had tempeh before, but as a vegetarian who really misses meat, i figured it’s time to start trying out alternatives. i picked up a sesame orange marinade to go with it, and got to cooking.

the final result? i like tempeh!! it was an interesting texture, and it def doesn’t taste like meat, but it’s a good substitution and i’ll be using it more often! i don’t think i could eat it plain, but with the marinade it was really tasty!!

so…that was my day yesterday! i’m about to head out to weight watchers this morning, and then i have a full day of cleaning/homework/grocery shopping. i made a protein fruit smoothie to hold me over, so i’ll see you all later!!




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