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waiting to upload

on January 22, 2012

so i’m currently sitting here waiting for my pictures to upload into iphoto so i can start posting my pictures once again!! so as i’m waiting for that, i’m going to jot down what i ate for breakfast, clean the house, and then maybe by then the camera will be done 😛

this morning i wanted something a little lighter than usual since last night’s party was filled with so many goodies! i decided on my cherry/peach/blueberry protein smoothie and two eggs over medium. Not only is it wicked yummy, but it’ll fill me up and keep me going for awhile. i would’ve had a picture of it, but i kinda ate it all before i even took the camera out 😛 woops! but don’t fret, later on i plan on posting with a bunch of yummy looking pictures from days past and the party last night!


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