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coffee…for the win

on January 25, 2012

it’s been a looooong week and it’s only Wednesday!! work has been quite busy lately, and i’ve been finding myself going back to old habits to cope. rough day at work? feeling exhausted? chocolate in the fridge? solution!! last night was a little tough because not only was i tired, but i had yummy desserts in the house. so naturally, instead of just tasting something, or having one, i had an ice cream bar, ate a few chocolate goodies from the holiday party the other night, and then made myself a mug of hot chocolate.

lesson of the night? food is not the solution!! i love that poster that says “don’t reward your body with food. you are not a dog!” it’s so true, but god it feels so good to eat chocolate after a rough day!!! 


oh well, at least i’m able to recognize an unhealthy pattern. each day is a new day to get it right, though, right? so this morning i’m starting off my day with a much needed cup of coffee (in my super awesome mug my hubs got me!) and an egg…i’m going to whip up a fruit smoothie to bring to work, i’ve got some homemade ziti (made with corn pasta, gluten free!) for lunch, and then i’ll probably put together a massive salad to eat while i’m at class tonight. throw in some strawberries there for a snack, and i’ll be good to go.

i did buy ice cream bars at the store last night, but i got the weight watchers eclair ones, so they’re only 4 points, and healthier than a whole pint of gelato…mmmm gelato….


well, i’m off for another marathon day! anybody have any ideas or tips on how to deal with stress eating? if so, i’d LOVE to hear them, i need all the help i can get 😛


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