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it is GLORIOUS out!!

on January 28, 2012

the weather has taken an unexpected turn, and today i woke up to blue skies and wicked warm weather!

now, i’m one to love all 4 seasons…it’s one of the best parts of living in New England, but i won’t be upset over an absolutely beautiful day! i took the opportunity to sleep in…although overall i did get a crazy 11 hours of sleep! i did up some bloodwork the other day to check the thyroid since i’ve been feeling more tired than usual lately. gotta love this awesome endocrine system.

the day has so far been filled with an awesome breakfast, my 20 minute pump challenge for LesMills Bodypump (so far, it’s awesome!) followed by a quick mile run. after a nice shower, i took the pups on a wonderful hour long walk. came back, had a groovy salad, and now i’m watching some x files, getting ready to do some studying for microbiology! 

since i’ve been slacking in the posting, here are some pictures to showcase what i’ve been eating all week, as well as a bonus picture of the puppies pig-piling on the hubs! ENJOY THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY!!


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