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fruit and viruses

on January 29, 2012

that’s been my afternoon so far! studying microbiology and starting notes on the new chapter, the topic being…VIRUSES! 

i have to say…i’m actually really enjoying this class so far. although it’s really opening my eyes to what is out there, and how gross everything is (pinworm…need i say more?) it’s really quite fascinating! it’s amazing to learn about these organisms that are so insanely small, yet have been around for millions of years and are necessary to life. i know a lot of people are germaphobic, but they’re really not that bad! in fact, we have more microbes on our body than cells, and most of them are good! they protect us from all of the bad microorganisms that are floating around! maybe it’s just me, but this class is really making me consider a nursing career dealing with infectious diseases!

so, while learning about all of these neat little creatures, i figured it was time for a snack. i have yoga in 2 hours, and they say not to eat anything for a few hours beforehand…but dinner isn’t until 6. so, fruit protein smoothie it is! enough to fill my tummy, but not enough to make me want to puke during yoga (let’s face it, no one wants their mat next to the pukey girl.)

the smoothie contains:

8oz of orange juice (i use simply orange pulp free, extra vitamin D)

handful of frozen cherries, frozen peaches, and frozen blueberries

a scoop of unflavored soy protein powder

blend it together and experience the yum!


also, please note my awesome notes…yes my name is taryn and i have OCD when it comes to notes. each chapter is color coordinated with the ink and the highlighter i use, each chapter is tabbed and i even own Oop’s tape in case i make a mistake, i can white it out without no one ever knowing. yes i have a problem, and no i’m not ashamed. 


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