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on January 29, 2012

so i completely forgot to add, in the post earlier, some discoveries i’ve made recently.

1. i no longer crave meat.

about 6 months ago, i watched the movie food, inc. i’m pretty interested in nutrition and the source of the food that i eat, and this movie was all about understanding where food comes from. it was a pretty graphic documentary, but one i feel that everyone should see. it really dived into factory farming, and how the animals are treated prior to slaughter. now, i’m usually a pretty big baby when it comes to animals anyways, but to see how the animals were treated just broke my heart. the fact that these beautiful creatures are forced to live in small, cramped spaces, are pumped full of hormones and corn to make them fat, and then brutally killed just tore my heart apart. for me, this movie was the final breaking point. i’ve always dabbled in being a vegetarian, but i’ve always gone back to eating meat. this time, i’ve gone the 6 months without eating meat. now, there have been a few exceptions, and those exceptions have been locally raised, grass fed meat that had been humanely slaughtered. no factory farming. but to be honest, i don’t even crave meat anymore. there are stores nearby that offer locally raised grass fed meat, but i don’t even seek it out. i find alternatives. i think it’s interesting that it’s not even on my mind anymore.

2. gluten=gas.

sorry folks, it’s pretty personal. anytime i’ve eaten anything with a hint of gluten in it, i can feel the difference immediately. i feel bloated, and gassy. i guess it just goes to show that my digestive system is operating better without gluten than it was with it. now, my colitis doesn’t require that i go gluten free, but it was something i experimented with to see if it would help. come to find out, it has!

3. i need chocolate

yeah i’ve tried to go without it…doesn’t work out so well. i’ve determined that each night, for a treat, i’ll have raspberry hot chocolate and one lindt hazelnut truffle. i did it tonight, and it was absolutely delicious and i’m not craving anything more.




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