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macaroon heaven

on February 10, 2012

i figured i’d try to get in a post recapping parts of this week i’ve missed due to workschooldogsnofreetime… work has been stressful lately, so of course i naturally revert back to my lovely habit of inhaling everything in sight. luckily this week that meant macaroons!! every week two guys come around selling fresh baked pastries to help support recovering drug addicts in the area. we’re all too happy to help, and it doesn’t hurt that the food is AH-MAZING! i bought us some macaroons yesterday to help take the edge off of work. 

if you’re wondering if they taste as good as they look, they do!!

these macaroons are perfectly crunchy and caramelized on the outside, and the inside is so gooey and cocounutty. OMG, they just melt in your mouth and you’re instantly washed away to coconut heaven. I honestly can’t even put into words how good these things are!! let’s put it this way, one macaroon is enough to satisfy any sweet tooth, but if you’re like me, it takes at least 3 before you’re willing to stop 😉


other than macaroons, i swear i’ve been eating somewhat healthy! my last snacks included a blood orange, a KIND almond and coconut bar (i’m noticing a trend with coconut…) and a small piece of peanut brittle. 

today’s menu includes a farm fresh egg with morningstar bacon and a fruit smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and snacks are grapes with cheese and a mango with a scoop of peanut butter (eaten separately, not together!) have a lovely day folks!!


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