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new beginnings

on March 3, 2012

so i know it’s been awhile since i last wrote and for that i’m sorry! life has been so crazy hectic it’s unbelievable. school is getting into full swing and work has been crazy as usual. however, much has happened since the last time i wrote!

on feb. 11 i became a licensed zumba instructor! that’s right, i’m now able to teach zumba officially! i’ve been working on my first class and am talking to a bunch of people about getting some teaching gigs up and running. tomorrow is my first meeting to see if i can start teaching zumba at the yoga studio i currently go to. keep your fingers crossed!

on feb. 14th i got the letter in the mail welcoming me to the goodwin college nursing program! it’s official, starting in May i’ll be officially enrolled in the RN program, became a real bonafide nurse 12/2013!! of course, this also means my life becomes even more blah come may! however, i plan on doing my clinicals on sunday so i can still do the drive in on Friday nights once that comes back into full swing!

besides what’s been going on in my professional life, my eating/exercise habits have officially sucked in the past few weeks! i’ve decided to start a 30 day paleo challenge starting tomorrow. essentially the paleo diet, or “caveman diet,” is all about eating the way our waaaaaaaaaaaay back ancestors used to eat. we’re talking meats, fruits, veggies, and nuts. no bread/wheat, dairy, or sugar. since going gluten free, i’ve rarely had bread or wheat, so giving that up won’t be as difficult since i’ve been doing that already. i’m lactose intolerant, so i don’t eat much dairy anyways, and i’ll be able to survive 30 days without any additional dairy. as for the sugar…that will be the difficult part. i am a sugar addict, so that is going to be my biggest challenge, but one i hope to take on head first.

okay, this post has gone on for long enough! if you’re not already bored, don’t worry, i’ll be ending this soon enough! i’m going to try to post more often, journaling my progress through this challenge, hoping i can make it from day 1 to day 30! wish me luck folks, it’s gonna be an interesting ride!


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