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Insanity is…insane!

on March 9, 2012

surprise surprise right? a program called Insanity would be insane, who would’ve thunk?! i’m going on day 4 and i can honestly say, this may be the hardest workout i’ve ever done…and i’ve done p90x, turbofire, zumba, spinning, and my own weight/cardio regimens in the gym. not gonna lie, i’m swearing at the tv and cursing Shaun T’s name the entire time i’m exercising, but truthfully, when it’s done, i feel AMAZING! there’s really no better feeling than that once you’ve accomplished a hard workout. endorphins are running, you’re sweaty, sore, and your limbs feel like jelly, but also you feel like you could run the world.

however, last night i felt like throwing up was going to be a viable option. i chose not to, but the idea was def floating around in my head. i’m going to do my best to complete all 60 days of the program. i’ve taken my before pictures because if i’m going to suffer for 60 days, i want my free t-shirt! hopefully it’ll get a little easier…still challenging, but i won’t feel like my heart is going to explode.

things on the paleo front have actually been pretty fantastic! on Sunday i made up my bison meatloaf with turkey bacon on top (all grass fed, no added antibiotics, pasture raised, humanely handled) and stuffed peppers. all week i’ve been snacking on strawberries, bananas with nut butter, tanka bars (if you’re not sure what tanka bars are, go to and check them out!) and pistachios. I can honestly say i’m never really “hungry” throughout the day. i’ve been drinking my water which i’m sure helps. if i’m craving something sweet, i’ll blend together frozen bananas, almond milk, and frozen cherries and throw some walnuts in that and eat it like ice cream (seriously…way good!) i’m also not obsessing over what i eat or when i’ll be eating next, which is a welcome feeling after a lifetime of food/diet obsession. who knows, maybe i’ve found my soulmate eating style?

stay tuned for more insanity and paleo updates! i wont’ be posting my before picture yet…not ready for that…but if i start seeing improvements i’ll put them up!


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