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points plus crazy!

on March 13, 2012

so another meeting of weight watchers came and passed, and another week of not losing any weight.


i’ll be the first to admit, i’m not the best when it comes to tracking my points everyday. and there are some days that i just don’t plain do it. so my goal this week is to become the points plus nazi. I am tracking every single crumb that goes into my mouth. i’m going to work this program like whoa. we’ll see what becomes of it on Saturday at my next meeting. if i lose weight, then great, i’m back on the WW horse. if i don’t, then it’s time to sit down with my leader and be like, wtf?!

so first thing i noticed, tracking is a pain. i’m doing it all on paper instead of online because it just seems like it counts more when i write it. it’s so easy to type stuff, but it takes effort to write everything down. maybe it makes it more concrete in my head? who knows.

in addition, i’ve been really great with my exercise this week! i’ve decided that while i love insanity, i’m honestly physically not ready for it. exercising to the point where i’m exhausted sets me up for failure…it makes it so i don’t want to exercise the next day, which kind of defeats the purpose. so my goal is to do a hybrid of p90x and turbofire to get myself into Insanity shape!

so far i’ve done the chest and back dvd, the arms and shoulders dvd, and yesterday i did yoga (which is counting as my “rest day”) so tomorrow i’ll be turbofiring it up!  so  far it’s been going great. i forgot how much i love to lift weights and strength train. plus, that sore feeling you get after doing a gazillion pull ups is a great feeling!

i have a good feeling about this week. i’m already almost half way through it, and i’m still riding the high of exercise and healthy eating. (put it to you this way, i’m fine with only 1/2 cup of pomegranate chip ice cream…that’s saying something!) also, i only stopped 3 times during ab ripper x…abs of steel here i come!!


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