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turbofire you make me feel…like i’m on fire!

on March 14, 2012

i forgot how much i loved turbofire!! today i did the fire 30 class as part of my p90x/turbofire hybrid schedule, and i feel AWESOME now! the first time i ever did this class it wasted me…i mean i was gasping for breath, had to take a few breaks, whole body shaking…i mean the works. this time, it wasn’t as bad! i guess it means i’m slowly getting stronger? don’t get me wrong, i was still huffing and puffing my way through it, but i did all of the fire drills to the fullest, jumping and squating like before. it’s good to feel your body getting stronger and stronger with each day!

now i’m snacking on a gluten free blueberry waffle with sunbutter and some chocolate chips, and it’s deeee-licious! probably not the most healthy post-workout snack, but it’s making me happy so that’s what matters. i tracked it and everything, so no worries on the WW front.


this week has been going great so far…great workouts, good food, every morsel tracked, and i’m feeling in control! c’mon saturday, get here so i can weigh in and reap the rewards of a hard week’s work!


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