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i’m bringing healthy back…yeah!

on March 19, 2012

so i’m going on week 2 of my tracking/p90x/turbofire extravaganza! i’ve gotta say, i feel great. i’m going to be honest and say that i hate ab ripper x, but i love what it’s doing to my stomach! i can feel it getting flatter and cinching in more at my natural waist (hourglass WHAT!) my second day of doing the chest/back went really well…i felt stronger and could do more push ups/pull ups than the week before, which is always a plus. i’ve been walking the dogs a lot more since the weather is absolutely GORGEOUS outside, and i can feel it, especially in my hip flexors…they’re so tight! gotta stretch them out more!

as for tracking, i’ve been really good at tracking everything i’m eating and not going over my points allowance. i even lost 1.2 pounds on saturday! woot woot!! just gotta keep on this track and i’ll be at my goal in no time! i have to say, as annoying as it is to track sometimes, i love weight watchers. i love being able to still eat whatever i want without feeling guilty. i make better decisions based on the points system…i still eat what i want but i prioritize and try to fill my day with fruits and veggies. i say this now as i’m still riding the high of this past week…let’s hope the feeling stays!


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