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bit by the running bug

so i’ve always heard that once people do their first 5K, they get hooked…they’re “bit by the race bug.”

well…i can tell you from first hand experience that this is so true!! I ran my first 5K ever in early June. My coworker/friend asked if I wanted to do the susan g. komen race for the cure in hartford with her, and i begrudgingly agreed…committing to a race is a good push to keep on training and working out. 

well, the big day came and my friend and i ran the entire thing together, and it was AWESOME! it was such a rush to cross that finish line! the entire day was so great, even though it decided to pour the entire day! the rain could not damper our spirits, we had such a great time!

since then, i’ve been constantly looking up events in the CT area trying to find more races to do! i signed up for the 4 on the 4th race in chester (which is absolutely gorgeous!) and today i just signed up to do the penguin 5K in mystic in October!! A PENGUIN 5K!!! not only do you get to do a 5K race, but afterwards you can watch the african penguins do their own race at the aquarium…HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!?!?!? (for those that don’t know me, i have an unhealthy obsession with penguins….i got to pet one once and it was the highlight of my year..)

so yeah…running has become so much more for me in the past month!! i look forward to it each day…i get bummed when i can’t go for a run, and now in a few days i get to experience another race! i hope i get the same high i got from the last one!!

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my new obsession

so…i have a new obsession

iced cinnamon hazelnut coffee with vanilla soy milk and agave nectar

it…is amazing

like…i have dreams about it

wake up and rushing through my morning routine so i can drink it

my obsession is that bad

i blame tina from

after reading her blog everyday, and seeing it there every morning, i had to try her recipe for iced coffee

i randomly picked this flavor from stop and shop

and now i’m in coffee heaven

i don’t even crave coffee the rest of the day because i’ve had this one in the morning

it’s that good

oh yeah

and now i’m having it again

only i’ve added vanilla protein powder and ice and made it into a post-zumba smoothie

life. is good folks. 

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picture redemption!!

okay folks, my phone finally decided to work so here are the missing pictures from the last couple of posts!!






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stupid phone!!!

so i took all of these lovely pictures to add to my post and my phone refuses to send them to my email…maybe this is the universe telling me to just buckle down and get a new camera? ugh…if only they cost like $10 instead of $200…

i’ll do my best to recap, and you’ll just have to use your imagination!

so yesterday’s breakfast held me over for a decent amount of time, but it wasn’t long before the buffalo chicken bites in the fridge at work were calling my name. and of course i had to answer!! for those who don’t know me, spicy buffalo chicken is probably one of my all time favorite foods EVER! the spicier the better!! (although my colon hates me for it…stupid colon…)

anyways, i had some buffalo chicken with some blue cheese yogurt dressing, and it was pretty phenomenal! soon after, it was “dinner time,” i put that in quotes only because no where on earth does 3pm qualify as dinner time, and yet it’s really the last time i eat an actual meal on  a Tuesday. I whipped up another turkey pepperoni pizza on garlic naan bread, and yes, it was as delicious as last time!

our new coworker decided to treat us all to gourmet cupcakes from the new cupcake place downtown (HOW DID I NOT KNOW THERE WAS A CUPCAKE STORE DOWNTOWN?!?!) they.were.amazing. the frosting was just slightly hard on the outside and soft and buttery on the inside. I’m usually not a frosting person but this frosting was delicious! then, the cupcake itself was moist and cake like, with frosting ON THE INSIDE! ON THE INSIDE FOLKS!! it was heaven in my mouth!

of course…i didn’t digest the cupcake in time for zumba….

zumba class went great and sweaty as always, but i def. felt that cupcake make its way throughout my entire digestive system….piece of advice, don’t eat a cupcake before you’re going to be dancing like a fool…it isn’t pretty!


i woke up this morning really wanting pancakes, so i whipped up two OMG pancakes with sunbutter smeared in between and on top, with blueberries all over. DELICIOUS! on the side, iced coffee with vanilla soy milk and agave nectar. i don’t know why, but this iced coffee rocks my socks…i usually like coffee bought from dunkin donuts or starbucks better (i think it’s just casue i don’t have to make it) but this coffee is superior by far!

wednesdays are my short(er) days, so it’s off to work and then back home to work on my nursing care plan before rehearsal tonight! (i’m helping out my brother in law do some movement work for some actors!)

Question of the day: do you prefer to take pictures on your camera, or on a smartphone? 

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i went to bed last night CRAVING an egg sandwich with iced coffee…so naturally that’s what i made for breakfast this morning! i broke my tradition of eating the same thing every day, but it’s good to shake things up!!


on two pieces of toasted rye bread i put an egg (over easy,) 2 pieces of morningstar “bacon,” and a slice of american cheese. on the side i added a good portion of blueberries, and of course some iced coffee with vanilla soy milk and agave nectar…yeah, it hit the spot!!

sorry for the instagram photos!! it’s the only camera i have!! i want to save up to get a better digital camera, but it’s just another thing to add to the list!!


i’ve two and a half hours before work, so time to get some stuff done!! on the list today? an online pressure ulcer training (which is just as exciting as it sounds…) creating my zumba playlist for tonight (class is at 7pm at fit club for those in the area!) and working on my nursing care plan!!

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just another manic monday

monday was as crazy as usual! a full day of work followed by a full night of class, and this night i had an exam as well!

on which i got a 90, thank you very much 😉

thankfully my new choice in breakfast held me over for quite some time! i snacked on some cherries before lunch, but i was satisfied overall! OMG pancakes gets a 10 in my book!


today i was craving pizza, and decided to whip up an oldie but a goodie

naan pizza (i used garlic naan) with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and turkey pepperoni!

seriously…look at that


it makes me almost want another one right now….

of course, because i’m me, i had to have something sweet to counteract all of that savory goodness, so i munched on two chocolate chip cookies

don’t ask me why, but stop n’ shop cookies are rocking my world right now

i ❤ chewy cookies, and these just hit the spot!!

on my way to class i munched on a sandwich with turkey, cheese and mustard

nothing special, but enough to hold me over!

after the test, i went downstairs to grab some water because i was THIRSTY! and decided on some fruit as well


of course i had to get some 😉

i saved the jalapeno chips (no one wants to sit next to the girl with dragon breath…)

and i think it’s about time to munch on some before bed!!

good night everyone!

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on a rainy monday…

back at monday again!! mondays are pretty long days for me since i have work and then class right after, so i always have to make sure to pack enough food so i don’t come home ready to eat the dog!


today i veered from my usual egg/facon (fake bacon..see what i did there?) meal to try something new! one of my favorite blogs ever is CarrotsnCake, and she posted this amazing recipe for OMG pancakes made from bananas, vanilla, almond butter and almond flour/meal. as you can see, mine didn’t come out pretty, but they sure tasted delicious! i put a good amount of chunky peanut butter in between and on top, and sprinkled a good amount of blueberries on there. i also poured myself a glass of homemade iced coffee (courtesy of Tina again!) and added vanilla soy milk and agave nectar to it. i’ll be keeping this breakfast around for awhile!!

time to get my day started! i have my second nursing exam today, so wish me luck 🙂

Question: what foods do you eat that never change?

for me, coffee is a non-negotiable! it is part of my day no matter what!

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so this morning’s experience with Nita’s didn’t go quite so well

i was all excited to try their food, but the line was OUT THE DOOR! it was ridiculous

so instead the hubs and i went to friendly’s

i can’t remember the last time i ate breakfast there

i got the huevos rancheros which was pretty good, all things considering (i’m always a little wary of friendly’s food…i get sick there quite often!)

of course i would’ve taken a picture, but i completely forgot 😦 sorry!

the hubs and i have been cleaning the house like a boss all afternoon, and now it’s time to relax before dinner!

speaking of relaxing, i’ve always heard of people putting fruit in their water for flavoring

and i’m a big fan of frozen fruit

so why hasn’t it occurred to me until now to put frozen fruit in my water?!

well, i did, and it’s delicious!

i ❤ cherries, and this is making my afternoon!!

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happy father’s day!!

first and foremost i’d like to wish a happy father’s day to my lovely dad! for those who don’t know my father, the best way to describe is a ponytailed, heavy metal liking, harley bike riding, modern day version of mr. miagi…

yup, that’s my dad!! i’ll have to dig through and see if i can find any pictures of him to post here!

i’d also like to wish a happy father’s day to my wonderful husband!!

we don’t have kids (yet) but we do have 2 crazy puppies, 2 insane cats, and 1 never-quits ferret!

if that’s not a handful, i don’t know what is!

ok, now onto the day!

i started my sunday off right with 20 minutes of high intensity interval running!

here was my breakdown:

1-2 minutes-3.5 mph warm up

2-3 minute: 4.5mph 

3-4 minute: 5 mph

4-5 minute: 5.5 mph

5-6 minutes: 6 mph

repeat 3 more times

then cool down

i know it’s not very fast, but it’s short, intense, and i’m hoping it’ll help me start to run faster without feeling like my heart is going to explode!

now it’s time for breakfast! there’s this cute local restaurant downtown that apparently has amazing food, and i saw on their fb page that they have a special today of oatmeal with fresh blueberries, strawberries, and bananas with italian coffee on the side…YES PLEASE!!

i’ll take some pictures for you and post them later!

Question of the day: what is your favorite high intensity workout?

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marathon saturday

there is so much to do today! ever have one of those days where you’re constantly organizing your schedule in your head to make room for everything? or is it just me 😛

this morning i have my first weight watchers meeting in WEEKS! because my school schedule is so crazy i can’t make it out there as much as i’d like, but at least after today i’ll get some motivation to keep on tracking! i’m also going to make a plan of scheduling my workouts for the week. i did great last week, but lost my steam around thursday…there’s only 10 weeks left until vacation folks, gotta make it work!

i usually go out to breakfast with my mother-in-law after the meeting, so to get my day started i’m just having a protein smoothie. in the mix are:

1 cup simply orange orange juice

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/4 cup frozen cherries

1/4 cup frozen peaches

whatever remaining frozen blueberries i had left

refreshing and it will def keep me full until second breakfast! after the meeting i have so much to do including, but limited to, laundry (i have no clothes left!) running, walking the dogs, grocery shopping and then i’m off to east haddam for a CTRF cast party! have a great day guys!!

question of the day!

what is the best way you all find to organize everything you need to get done in a day?

I make TONS of to-do lists and check them off as i get things done!

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