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where has the time gone??

on June 16, 2012

so i realize it’s been a few months since i last posted…3 to be exact!! i can’t believe i’ve let this slide for as long as i have! okay…so let’s update on what’s going on in the life of this foodaholic!

it’s been a crazy few months! let’s go month by month shall we?


so the month of april brought on some new and exciting changes! long story short, i became a zumba instructor at fit club here in downtown willi!! i had been there to take classes before, but it wasn’t until a friend informed me they were looking for instructors that i really got my butt in gear in launching my teaching career. i have to say, i couldn’t be happier!! Fit Club really is such a wonderful place, with awesome people, and i get paid to work out and make people happy through dance…what more could be better??


may brought on even more changes! i officially started the nursing program at my school and my clinicals at a long term care facility in bloomfield, which is about an hour away. it has been challenging to say the least! it’s a ton more material, in a short amount of time, and a new way of thinking. i’m exciting for what the future semesters bring, but i can’t help but feel just a tad overwhelmed at all of the work that is ahead of me. oh well, that’s what chocolate and coffee are for right?

okay, so that brings us to June…not too much going on, but enough to keep me busy enough that i’m not posting here! i’m going to try my best to get back to blogging at least once a day…to keep me on track and hopefully connect with all of you!

my eating has been so-so since i last posted…some days are good, others are not so good…but the focus from here on out is being healthy, satisfied, and concentrating on fueling my body instead of my emotions…hope you’re willing to stay on for the ride!

oh..and i promise to start posting pictures in later posts too 😉


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