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on June 17, 2012

so this morning’s experience with Nita’s didn’t go quite so well

i was all excited to try their food, but the line was OUT THE DOOR! it was ridiculous

so instead the hubs and i went to friendly’s

i can’t remember the last time i ate breakfast there

i got the huevos rancheros which was pretty good, all things considering (i’m always a little wary of friendly’s food…i get sick there quite often!)

of course i would’ve taken a picture, but i completely forgot 😦 sorry!

the hubs and i have been cleaning the house like a boss all afternoon, and now it’s time to relax before dinner!

speaking of relaxing, i’ve always heard of people putting fruit in their water for flavoring

and i’m a big fan of frozen fruit

so why hasn’t it occurred to me until now to put frozen fruit in my water?!

well, i did, and it’s delicious!

i ❤ cherries, and this is making my afternoon!!


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