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on a rainy monday…

on June 18, 2012

back at monday again!! mondays are pretty long days for me since i have work and then class right after, so i always have to make sure to pack enough food so i don’t come home ready to eat the dog!


today i veered from my usual egg/facon (fake bacon..see what i did there?) meal to try something new! one of my favorite blogs ever is CarrotsnCake, and she posted this amazing recipe for OMG pancakes made from bananas, vanilla, almond butter and almond flour/meal. as you can see, mine didn’t come out pretty, but they sure tasted delicious! i put a good amount of chunky peanut butter in between and on top, and sprinkled a good amount of blueberries on there. i also poured myself a glass of homemade iced coffee (courtesy of Tina again!) and added vanilla soy milk and agave nectar to it. i’ll be keeping this breakfast around for awhile!!

time to get my day started! i have my second nursing exam today, so wish me luck 🙂

Question: what foods do you eat that never change?

for me, coffee is a non-negotiable! it is part of my day no matter what!


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