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stupid phone!!!

on June 20, 2012

so i took all of these lovely pictures to add to my post and my phone refuses to send them to my email…maybe this is the universe telling me to just buckle down and get a new camera? ugh…if only they cost like $10 instead of $200…

i’ll do my best to recap, and you’ll just have to use your imagination!

so yesterday’s breakfast held me over for a decent amount of time, but it wasn’t long before the buffalo chicken bites in the fridge at work were calling my name. and of course i had to answer!! for those who don’t know me, spicy buffalo chicken is probably one of my all time favorite foods EVER! the spicier the better!! (although my colon hates me for it…stupid colon…)

anyways, i had some buffalo chicken with some blue cheese yogurt dressing, and it was pretty phenomenal! soon after, it was “dinner time,” i put that in quotes only because no where on earth does 3pm qualify as dinner time, and yet it’s really the last time i eat an actual meal on  a Tuesday. I whipped up another turkey pepperoni pizza on garlic naan bread, and yes, it was as delicious as last time!

our new coworker decided to treat us all to gourmet cupcakes from the new cupcake place downtown (HOW DID I NOT KNOW THERE WAS A CUPCAKE STORE DOWNTOWN?!?!) they.were.amazing. the frosting was just slightly hard on the outside and soft and buttery on the inside. I’m usually not a frosting person but this frosting was delicious! then, the cupcake itself was moist and cake like, with frosting ON THE INSIDE! ON THE INSIDE FOLKS!! it was heaven in my mouth!

of course…i didn’t digest the cupcake in time for zumba….

zumba class went great and sweaty as always, but i def. felt that cupcake make its way throughout my entire digestive system….piece of advice, don’t eat a cupcake before you’re going to be dancing like a fool…it isn’t pretty!


i woke up this morning really wanting pancakes, so i whipped up two OMG pancakes with sunbutter smeared in between and on top, with blueberries all over. DELICIOUS! on the side, iced coffee with vanilla soy milk and agave nectar. i don’t know why, but this iced coffee rocks my socks…i usually like coffee bought from dunkin donuts or starbucks better (i think it’s just casue i don’t have to make it) but this coffee is superior by far!

wednesdays are my short(er) days, so it’s off to work and then back home to work on my nursing care plan before rehearsal tonight! (i’m helping out my brother in law do some movement work for some actors!)

Question of the day: do you prefer to take pictures on your camera, or on a smartphone? 


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