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Do something everyday that scares you

on July 3, 2012

eleanor roosevelt def knew what she was talking about when she said this!

being pushed out of your comfort zone is terrifying, but exciting and necessary for growth and change! It’s crazy to think that this year is practically halfway done already…it seems like just yesterday we were welcoming in 2012! This year has brought about some crazy changes, and has pushed me to start reevaluating what it is i want out of my life

in february i decided to become a certified zumba instructor because i was frustrated with the classes i was taking at my local gym. i never intended for it to become anything, i just wanted to do something for myself. but then auditions came up at a local business looking for new instructors, and instead of backing down because i was afraid, i bit the bullet, auditioned, and now i teach regularly with some AMAZING people and couldn’t be happier!

In June my coworker and good friend Jackie challenged me to run the Susan G. Komen race for the cure with her. I hadn’t seriously run in a few years, and my fitness was seriously lacking due to stress, a busy schedule, and let’s face it, laziness! but i agreed to do it, and now i’m doing a race tomorrow, and am signed up for 2 more in sept. and october!

in 2010 i decided that i was going to go back to school to become a nurse, and at the end of April i finally finished all of my pre-requisites for the program. i applied to the program, and got in on the first try (which is crazy because the competition is FIERCE!) now i’m almost done with my first semester of school, and am still maintaining my A average (which ain’t easy by the way…)

and now, to top it off, i took the plunge and am attempting to start up CrossFit next week! There’s a local box about 15 minutes away from where i live, and groupon was offering a day for 2 introductory classes and a month of unlimited classes for only $65!! i couldn’t pass that up, especially since i’ve been itching to try it (for that, i can thank Tina)  i’ve emailed the owner, and it looks like i’ll be taking my on ramp classes next week!!

i realize this post is really winded and wordy, but i think to honestly put in writing the things i’ve been accomplishing this past year is really motivating and helping to spur me on. there are days when i feel completely overwhelmed and lost, and like i’m not doing enough of the things i love. however, writing it all down, i see that i really am accomplishing the things i’m setting out to do. i’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and because of that, achieving things that before i only thought about!

i’ll post more food/fitness related stuff later today! just wanted to put down the goals i’ve achieved so far, and those that i’m working towards!! 

What are some goals that you have achieved so far? Any that you’re looking to try sometime soon? Anything that has intimidated you in the past, but that you’re trying and love?


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