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osteoporosis or osteoarthritis?

on July 3, 2012

this was the question i left class with tonight…which is worse? or, essentially, which is better?

osteoporosis can be described as a metabolic disorder in which bone degeneration exceeds bone construction. it isn’t a normal progression of age, but age is certainly a risk factor…that and being a female, post menopausal, and either white or asian. also, one main lifestyle risk factor is a sedentary lifestyle. 

osteoarthritis is bone degeneration as a result of wear and tear…so after years of tons and tons of wear on the joints, they eventually wear down and the cushiony cartilage that protects these joints disappear causing bone to grind on bone. this, as one can expect, has a risk factor of a very active lifestyle.

so which is worse/better? being sedentary and risk getting osteoporosis…or being active and getting osteoarthritis? decisions decisions!!

so on to more pressing and timely relevant matters…

i’m sorry i’ve been slacking with the pictures lately! my phone really sucks at sending these pictures to my email. i swear i have tons, but they’re stuck somewhere in the interwebs!! 

you’ll have to use your imagination…i have pictures of the coventry farmer’s market where my husband performed yesterday with his commedia troupe! i have pictures of my husband subduing our boston terrier through cheek kisses! and i have pictures of delicious smoothies and oatmeal and yogurt parfaits!!

alas…you’ll have to wait 😦 maybe one day they’ll make it to my email and i can share it with you!



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