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4 on the 4th!!

on July 4, 2012

first off, let me just say that this race was awesome!!!! and not just because i finished in a crazy good time (41:30!!!!!)

to begin with…the race was held in Chester, which, if you’re unfamiliar with Connecticut, is a quaint town tucked in the connecticut river valley. it’s seriously like the cutest town you’ve ever seen. i got there early enough to register and find great parking, so i just walked around and checked places out. too bad nothing was open yet, but it was still so cute!!




okay…so on to the actual race!!

below is a map of the course


i had some idea of where the hills were going to be (thanks to my friend Jill who’s from that area!) but still…unless you’ve been to Chester, you really have no idea of how hilly this town is

however, on the plus side, every quarter mile or so there were water stations and people with hoses to cool you down

seriously, how awesome is that?!?! just when i could feel myself starting to lag, i’d pass a water station and be right back at it. 10 points town of chester!

overall, the course was really pretty, and never boring. even though it was hilly, i actually really liked it! it changed it up, i was never bored, and i was constantly pushing myself…enough so that i finished this 4 mile race in less time than the 5K i ran in June!! woohoo!!!


as you can see, it was pretty crowded afterwards, and i didn’t really know anyone there, so after cooling down it was time to truck it on home

once in the car, i chowed down on some crazy awesome jelly beans i got at Dick’s sporting goods


i got them on a whim, and hey, they’re jelly beans…JELLY BEANS!!! CANDY THAT’S OKAY TO EAT WHEN YOU’RE WORKING OUT! okay..i’m calm

they were pretty good, and helped with my energy levels for the drive home

another thing that helped overall were my new compression capris. i got them on a whim because last time i ran 4 miles my legs felt like crap. plus, my nursing instructor was encouraging us to use compression stockings/socks etc…to take care of our legs since we’re on them so much, so i figured it couldn’t hurt to use them for running as well. well…let me tell you, i now am in love with underarmour, and i love these compression capris!!! my legs felt FABULOUS after the race…no aching, no pain, no joint pain…amazing!! we’ll see how i feel later on, but so far, these pants rock my world!

overall…this race was awesome, and i’ll def be signing up for it again next year!! now, it’s time to shower and get ready for a BBQ later on today!!!


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