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return of the mack!

on July 4, 2012

ok…so maybe it’s not (but dude…anyone else remember that awesome song from the 90’s? just me? ok..)

my phone is sending pictures to my email again!!!

so i’ll begin with my lovely lunch/dinner!


i say lunch/dinner…or “linner” as i like to say because tuesdays are so weird when it comes to food

i go into work at 11 and our “dinner” break is at 3pm…

it’s too late for lunch, but not late enough for dinner

it’s odd

but anyways, i enjoyed some plain greek yogurt with blueberries (fresh from the farmer’s market! so fresh i found a worm in one the other day!!) and some brown sugar crunch granola!

it was pretty yummy, and VERY filling

i’m still not hungry, and that’s after an hour of zumba!

i also snacked on some mixed nuts, a peach, and some pasta earlier on in the day

and yes…pasta is a snack…don’t judge me

after work i headed on over (actually…more like i screamed down valley street in my hulk of a jeep cause i was running late) to Fit Club to teach my weekly zumba class!

as always, it was awesome, and there were some new faces there tonight!

i hope they enjoyed the class!!

i don’t know what it is about zumba, but it just makes me so happy

and it makes me so happy to teach at Fit Club….seriously, if you’re in the eastern CT area you need to check it out


like…RIGHT NOW!!

now i’m just chillin in my own sweat, sexy, i know

time for a shower, and to finally put some work into this nursing care plan…it’s not going to write itself

although it totally should!!

so with that, i leave you with a picture of my husband subduing our crazy boston terrier D’argo using a technique i like to call “dargoing”

it’s kind of like planking, but better

essentially, if you kiss my dog on the side of his face, he’ll remain still for at least 10 minutes, no lie

it’s awesome



oh…and cupcakes

because seriously, who doesn’t love cupcakes?



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