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with a cherry on top please!

on July 7, 2012

so today was another clinical day

one down, only 4 left to go!!

i got to administer meds today, which was pretty awesome. i did whole pills mixed with applesauce, and then i also got to do an insulin injection!

tomorrow we may get to do some PPD’s as well!! fun times with needles!!


usually when i get home from a clinical day i’m beat and the last thing i want to do is make dinner

but tonight i said NO to fast food, NO to convenient bad food, and YES to a healthy dinner!

i decided to do a taco salad since i’m horrible at getting in enough veggies

i browned up some 99% lean ground turkey, added taco seasoning to it

and then added that along with fresh salsa, ranch dressing, and tortilla strips to a huge bed of baby romaine!


i probably could’ve added more veggies to it to up the nutrient density

but one step at a time here folks

veggies and this girl aren’t just going to magically form an alliance

it takes time

as for dessert, i came across a conclusion while grocery shopping yesterday

i ❤ dessert

in all shapes and forms

and i will never give up dessert

so now the challenge is to find a healthier dessert

tonight, that healthy dessert is banana ice cream!


into the food processor went 2 frozen bananas (cut into chunks,) dark chocolate peanut butter (yes it’s at good as it sounds,) shredded coconut and some vanilla soy milk to help mix it all up

finish it off with a cherry (or three…) and some shredded coconut

and voila!! deliciousness that isn’t nearly as bad for you as the real stuff!!

my butt doesn’t get bigger for another day!!


now, it’s time to veg out with the dogs and watch some tv (i’m currently hooked on harper’s island…this is my third time through, and yes i realize i have a problem…at least it isn’t supernatural! i’m OBSESSED with that show!)


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