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beef and chocolate

on July 17, 2012

so i know i haven’t written in awhile, but that’s the life of a nursing student/zumba instructor/full time worker

i’ll try to check in more often, sorry to leave you all hanging!!

so let’s recap some good eats!

my mom came up to visit over the weekend, so friday night we went out to dinner

we went to this restaurant called J.Gilbert’s in Glastonbury which is a “rustic steakhouse”

now those who know me know my stance on meat, and my parameters for eating it

this place did not disappoint!

but first!

we started out with a nice crisp riesling!

now i’m not a wine snob

and quite frankly i really don’t know the difference between a good wine, a bad wine, a “fruity” wine, a “dry wine” or anything in between

all i know, is that i love riesling

it’s sweet enough for me, but not overly sweet like a dessert wine or an iced wine

next it was time to check out the menu and see what they had to offer

as i mentioned before, i have certain parameters for the meat that i eat

this can all be chalked up to movies such as “Food, Inc” and books like “Fast Food Nation”

it’s important to know where your food comes from, and how it was treated

so imagine my delight when i saw this on the menu!

do you see that??? no antibiotics, no added growth hormones, and all meat comes from sustainable farms. plus, they even list the farms they use…how cool is that??? i love knowing that the food i’m eating isn’t going to poison my body!

i ended up going with twin medallion filets cooked medium rare with garlic broccolini and smashed potatoes

OMG YUM is all i can say about this meal

it was AMAZING!!!

i ate every last morsel!!!

afterwards, we decided to hit up the uconn dairy bar for dessert!

in all of my years living here i have never gone to this local wonder!

it must’ve been the night for local delights because this dairy bar


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