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it’s a brand new day

so the past 24 hours have sucked….like royally. however, i realized that i need to just take on an optimistic view point of the situation and start looking at the positive in the situation, and move forward. after 4 1/2 years, i’m no longer at my job. what sucks? not knowing how i’m going to pay my bills, afford my (very necessary) medication, or how i’m going to take care of these two cavities i’ve got going on. what rocks? i’m a free agent, ready and willing for whatever comes my way. i’m going to try to see this as an opportunity…a chance to hopefully find something more geared towards nursing and what i want to be doing in another year or so. i applied for some patient care tech positions both at Windham hospital and Backus hospital…however, i’ve also been applying to pretty much anything that i’m qualified for. i might have some new opportunities to spread the zumba love as well, which would be awesome. so for now, we’re looking at this as a good thing…a way to try something new, do what i love, and dear god hopefully soon so i can still pay my bills and survive….

*knock knock* hi unemployment office? it’s me…and i’m begging for some help!

so….i raise my iced coffee to you world….bring it on, i’m ready for the next step!



okay…so this is supposed to be a blog about me sharing my life through food…and there was no mention of food in there whatsoever….so here’s my contribution. i made pancakes for breakfast because i could, and they were amazing! the key? i added 2 tbspn of sugar and a tsp of almond extract….yeah….it was that good!

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time to clean out the cupboards

anyone ever take on this daunting task? well…i’m about to this weekend. turns out, my bank account is having a personal day, which means i don’t have enough money to go grocery shopping this week. solution? clean out the cupboards and see what’s been lurking in the dark for all these weeks!! i figure i’ll be able to find at least enough food to hold me over until next pay day! maybe…..

i don’t know about the rest of you, but i tend to be a food hoarder. I usually will grocery shop for the week and get only what i need, but sometimes plans happen, or things come up and not all of the food gets used. thus, it gets shoved to the backs of my cupboards until they overflow with random goodies. right now it’s looking like pancakes are going to the superstar of the next week and a half since i have 2 boxes of mix (honestly…how does one acquire 2 boxes of pancake mix?!) i’ve also got some green beans, and what looks like shredded coconut….time to get creative i guess!!

on another cool fitness note, i’ve come into a couple of awesome opportunities in the past few days! come october 14th i’m going to become a certified R.I.P.P.E.D. instructor! don’t know what it is? google it! essentially it’s a full body exercise program consisting of high intensity cardio, plyometrics, and resistance training all smushed together to give you a crazy workout that should show amazing results. i’m a little afraid of the training since it looks a little intense, but i’m doing it with all of the other instructors at FitClub so at least it’ll be a blast!! i was also just contacted by a friend offering up a free trial for CrossFit in colchester (my home town, ctown what what!!) i’ve always wanted to try it, so now i have an opportunity!! we’ll see how it goes!! if anyone has any tips or wise pieces of advice for a soon to be crossfit newbie, it would be much appreciated!!

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nursing makes you fat

okay, so it doesn’t really, but i’m starting to really understand why most nurses have the most eff’ed up eating schedules! so let’s recount this day shall we? i woke up at the ungodly hour of 3:30am (or as i know how to think of it, as 0330) and ate my breakfast at a solid 4am. fast forward 7 and 1/2 hours and now it’s time for lunch. i don’t know about you guys, but that is WAY too much time between meals!! fast forward another 6 hours and i’m about to sit down to eat again…anyone else see anything wrong with this picture???

let me go into more detail…i’m a student nurse with only 1 patient to take care. this means that i only am delivering meds to one person, and today those meds happened at just 1 time. i’m only giving 1 bed bath, changing 1 bed, toileting 1 person, doing vitals on 1 person only once, and working on education with just one person…and i only ate once today after breakfast. those who are the actual RN’s on the floor have anywhere from 5-7 patients each, and they do a lot more than we do. WHEN DO THEY EAT?!?! the reality is slowly hitting me. sure, as nurses we advocate for our patients and try to teach the importance of healthy eating in order to maintain health however our own health is pushed to the back burner. do as i say, not as i do. yes you should eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism up and keep your blood sugar from crashing. just ignore the fact that i haven’t eating in god knows how long and that’s why my hands are shaking and i can’t see straight…no biggie. 


i’m thinking that a continuous IV drip of some liquid food might need to happen for this chickie to survive nursing!

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sugar is my frenemy

so i was informed earlier today by my dear coworker that i need to start blogging again! apparently at least one person reads this, so the blog must go on 😉

therefore Jillian…this is for you!!


it’s been awhile since i last wrote, but not much has changed. still loving food, still loving life, and still have crazy dogs

2 weeks ago i decided to start the body for life 12 week challenge with my friend jaclynn

we’re 2 weeks in and going strong!

granted, this means i get up every morning now at 4:30…but it builds character, right??

i have to say the eating part of the plan doesn’t go as smoothly for me

i start out really well, but then a box of donuts appears at work and before you know i’m 5 1/2 in

yes, i said 5 1/2

i may be little, but i can eat, and don’t you forget it!!!

so yeah…sugar and i are frenemies

on one hand, we hang out, have a good laugh, and we make each other feel happy, in that sugar coma way

on the other hand, sugar stabs me in the back and gives me blurry vision, foggy headspace, and pre-diabetes

i don’t know how to quit you sugar!!

if anyone has any hints or tips, feel free to throw them my way, because yeah…pre-diabetes at 28 years old is not acceptable!

since when did my health start to suck???

honestly, in 1 year my thyroid jumps ship, my colon says peace out, and now my pancreas is hoarding insulin for itself and not sharing

time to have an intervention

a food intervention!!

there’s gotta be a way to be able to eat what makes me happy, without sacrificing my health


okay, enough of the pity party

let’s see….things that made me happy today

Dargo really hates cars that are red and/or big…his mentality that he can take on a school bus is hilarious

i made turkey meatloaf muffins…they’re cute, i adore them

i bought a penlight today…it’s the little things in life

it’s fall, and right now my house smells like pumpkin spice, which is amazing!!!

and let’s see…it’s almost 8:30pm and i can honestly said i’m ready for bed

the life of a crazy 20-something!


well, i have clinical tomorrow, so it’s good night for now!

Jillian, are you satisfied? 😛

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