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sugar is my frenemy

on September 22, 2012

so i was informed earlier today by my dear coworker that i need to start blogging again! apparently at least one person reads this, so the blog must go on 😉

therefore Jillian…this is for you!!


it’s been awhile since i last wrote, but not much has changed. still loving food, still loving life, and still have crazy dogs

2 weeks ago i decided to start the body for life 12 week challenge with my friend jaclynn

we’re 2 weeks in and going strong!

granted, this means i get up every morning now at 4:30…but it builds character, right??

i have to say the eating part of the plan doesn’t go as smoothly for me

i start out really well, but then a box of donuts appears at work and before you know i’m 5 1/2 in

yes, i said 5 1/2

i may be little, but i can eat, and don’t you forget it!!!

so yeah…sugar and i are frenemies

on one hand, we hang out, have a good laugh, and we make each other feel happy, in that sugar coma way

on the other hand, sugar stabs me in the back and gives me blurry vision, foggy headspace, and pre-diabetes

i don’t know how to quit you sugar!!

if anyone has any hints or tips, feel free to throw them my way, because yeah…pre-diabetes at 28 years old is not acceptable!

since when did my health start to suck???

honestly, in 1 year my thyroid jumps ship, my colon says peace out, and now my pancreas is hoarding insulin for itself and not sharing

time to have an intervention

a food intervention!!

there’s gotta be a way to be able to eat what makes me happy, without sacrificing my health


okay, enough of the pity party

let’s see….things that made me happy today

Dargo really hates cars that are red and/or big…his mentality that he can take on a school bus is hilarious

i made turkey meatloaf muffins…they’re cute, i adore them

i bought a penlight today…it’s the little things in life

it’s fall, and right now my house smells like pumpkin spice, which is amazing!!!

and let’s see…it’s almost 8:30pm and i can honestly said i’m ready for bed

the life of a crazy 20-something!


well, i have clinical tomorrow, so it’s good night for now!

Jillian, are you satisfied? 😛


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