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it’s a brand new day

on September 28, 2012

so the past 24 hours have sucked….like royally. however, i realized that i need to just take on an optimistic view point of the situation and start looking at the positive in the situation, and move forward. after 4 1/2 years, i’m no longer at my job. what sucks? not knowing how i’m going to pay my bills, afford my (very necessary) medication, or how i’m going to take care of these two cavities i’ve got going on. what rocks? i’m a free agent, ready and willing for whatever comes my way. i’m going to try to see this as an opportunity…a chance to hopefully find something more geared towards nursing and what i want to be doing in another year or so. i applied for some patient care tech positions both at Windham hospital and Backus hospital…however, i’ve also been applying to pretty much anything that i’m qualified for. i might have some new opportunities to spread the zumba love as well, which would be awesome. so for now, we’re looking at this as a good thing…a way to try something new, do what i love, and dear god hopefully soon so i can still pay my bills and survive….

*knock knock* hi unemployment office? it’s me…and i’m begging for some help!

so….i raise my iced coffee to you world….bring it on, i’m ready for the next step!



okay…so this is supposed to be a blog about me sharing my life through food…and there was no mention of food in there whatsoever….so here’s my contribution. i made pancakes for breakfast because i could, and they were amazing! the key? i added 2 tbspn of sugar and a tsp of almond extract….yeah….it was that good!


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