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oh cream of rice, how i love you

so it’s been about 4 days since i’ve entered into the world of unemployment, and i’d be lying if i said it was going great

i’m trying to stay positive, and i’ve been applying to jobs like crazy, but bills are still coming down the pipe so i’m getting anxious to get back into the working force!! hopefully something will come through soon and i can join the ranks of the paid again!!

in the meantime, in an effort to save on money the hubs and i have been active in making sure we don’t eat out and are focused on mostly eating what we have in the house…

so far this means eggs, rice, cream of rice, and some grapes i found at the bottom of the fruit drawer……

i live so glamorously 😛

so as you can see…health really isn’t a top priority at the moment…i wish it could be, but frankly i just can’t afford it. however, cereal and cream of rice are amazing and i’m excited to have carte blanche when it comes to enjoying them!

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