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chocolate should go on everything….period

on February 13, 2013

this was my thought process as i was getting my breakfast ready the other day. i had been productive during the blizzard (yay for being snowed in for 2 days!!) and made baked oatmeal a la Anne and i have to say, my house smelled AMAZING!! it was all brown sugar and banana-y (cause that’s a word) up in here and it made me oh so excited to eat breakfast the next day. now….i’m not gonna lie, i’m not a huge oatmeal fan. i know it’s good for you, and i know it’ll bring down my cholesterol a whole bunch of points and blah blah blah, but i just can’t get excited about it. by the time i make it taste good, it defeats the purpose of eating a healthy breakfast in the first place. but the idea of baked oatmeal…hm….perhaps it’ll be like oatmeal disguised as a really tasty muffin? we shall see

so off i go to work with my baked oatmeal muffins (i baked them in a muffin tan…portability for the win!) all ready to toast them and eat them as i work..when the thought hit me….I SHOULD PUT SOME CHOCOLATE ON THESE BABIES!! and so i slathered on the nutella (or whatever whole foods wants to call it….”chocolate hazlenut spread” or whatever) and BAM!!! healthy chocolately goodness in my face. done. it was awesome.


thus proving my thoughts that chocolate should go on everything because it makes everything better. try to argue that!

to continue my awesome day of “food from other blogs that make my tummy happy” i decided to whip up something good for dessert. (mind you….this was HOURS after my chocolate muffin consumption….just so we’re clear)

i had an apple leftover from earlier in the day, and wanted something sweet but not “i’m going to make your butt not fit into your clothes” sweet. so what did i do? BOOM! Coconut cinnamon apples a la Tina!! so yeah….wicked easy….smells heavenly…and with a scoop of purely decadent mint chocolate “ice cream” on top was just what i needed!!

here’s a picture


yeah…looks good right? IT WAS!!

so yeah…that concludes my day of awesome eats. there was other stuff in between, but not as tasty as those i’ve mentioned

Question of the day!!

What is the tastiest piece of food you’ve ever put chocolate on??

for me…i’d have to say that dipping a piece of pound cake into chocolate fondue at the melting pot in providence was just about the closest to heaven that i’ve ever been!


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