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finally at the hospital!!!

on February 25, 2013

and by that i mean that we FINALLY got to have clinical after three weeks of snow and holidays!! it was great to finally put that blue uniform on, gather up the stethoscope and head on out to manchester memorial hospital. my patient today was real interesting…she had a history of schizophrenia, and due to long term psych med use had tarvid dyskinesia. now i know you’re thinking tarvawho? basically, her long term med use is causing her to have constant facial ticks, lip puckering, head shaking, and feet/hand contractions. let me tell you, it was a very interesting situation walking into this morning going on very little sleep and no coffee! however, in the end, it was great. my patient was really nice, and after she ate all of her lunch (which is rare for a)hospital food and b) an elderly person) i congratulated her and she pat me on the back. gotta love that positive reinforcemet! 😉

so…onto the eats for today! i apologize, i have no pictures….my mind was not in the place to remember to take out my phone and snap photos (plus….it was 4:45am…..cut me some slack!) for breakfast i loaded up with some toast and peanut butter, and a bangin’ fruit smoothie with two handfuls of spinach blended in (gotta get those veggies in there somehow!)

lunch was a shmorgasborg of goodies i was craving….good ol fashioned pb&j, string cheese, dark chocolate covered almonds, a fiber one chocolate chip “cookie” and chobani yogurt. now….i know it may seem a lot….but figure in the fact that we ate lunch around 11:30….that’s almost 6 hours without eating…and if you know me, you know that after 2 hours i’m ready to eat my own shoe i’m so hungry!!

now i’m getting ready to head on out to a meeting where i’m helping out with some choreo for teens working on a flash mob to encourage recovery, rising up, and empowering people despite their status (i.e. psychological, mental, sexual, racial etc…) preeeeeeeeeeetty awesome if you ask me! i knew there was a reason i spent so much time and money on a dance degree 😉

so with coffee in hand, i’m out!

question of the day!

what are some of your go-to goodies to have for lunch?


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