confessions of a foodaholic

sharing my life through food


hey everyone! my name is taryn and welcome to my little nook here in the interwebs world!

i started this blog as a way to help keep me on track when it comes to all things nutrition and fitness

mostly i write about food, delicious food, and my favorite activities (zumba and running!) but you’ll find other themes poking their head through here!

first a little background info on me!

i graduated from james madison university in virginia in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in dance

i moved to boston in hopes of doing something with said degree, but instead found myself working as a chiropractor’s assistant

after a few years of that, i met my now husband, and made the move back to connecticut

while here, i found a job working at planned parenthood and have been in the medical field ever since

in fact, i love it so much that i’ve decided to go back to school to become a registered nurse!

my days are filled with working, schooling, and clinicals, hence the blog to help keep me on track with everything else!

i currently live with my husband, our two awesome dogs bishop and d’argo, our two cats ares and jasper, and our crazy ferret murray

if you can’t tell from that, i’m a HUGE animal lover and will go out of my way to not kill any animal (spiders included…even though they scare the crap out of me…creepy….)

one of my favorite animals in the world is the penguin, and i even got to pet one once at mystic aquarium

it’s okay, you can be jealous

other loves of mine include stage combat (i own lots of shiny weapons!)

running, theatre, dancing, burts bees chapstick (the original) pull through parking spaces, pictures of cute animals, healthy living blogs, magazines, phlebotomy, microbiology (yes i’m a nerd, and yes i want to see someone who has parasitic worms) small town general stores, mexican food, cool new running gear, compression anything (my circulation sucks) the show supernatural (jensen…call me!) and pretty much doing anything with my friends!

have a question? email me at t {dot}bazinet@gmail{dot}com

hope you enjoy my random ramblings!


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